Sep 25, 2012

Smart again working in wi-free

Wi-Free is now again working in smart network . again just use smart buddy sim and use the following settings. make sure it has 2 peso load. (2 peso load lasts about 3 days, then you have to pasaload again)

Make sure you have the latest version of the software
go to for the latest software

In Wi-Free

use UDP
Select HTTP
Put PROXY IP port 8080

Make sure that all ports are checked and put 53 in LOCAL UDP PORT

in your SMART modem settings, better to use the apn
use dial number *99***#
go to for info on how to change your modem settings

Aug 24, 2012

I now accept Liberty Reserve Payments

Good news to people living in Africa and other parts of the world.  I now accept Liberty Reserve payments.  kindly email me at to know my account number and the rates for LR payments

Aug 23, 2012

Wi-free Working Again in STC Middle East

All middle east users are advised to uninstall their old version of wi-free and install the LATEST version of Wi-free.

Please go to to download the new version.

you have to remove your old wi-free installation and install the new wi-free software.  make sure that port  9201

is the only one checked.  local udp port is 0

Thank you and happy surfing!!!

May 13, 2012

wi-free connected via nokia phone as modem

i have an old nokia 6120 cellphone which is a 3g phone. i am testing this to see if my sim wont be blocked using this method since data is coming thru a mobile phone. i read somewhere in the forums the reason that smart blocks your sim card when using wi-free is that they detect an unusually huge amount of data being transferred to their buddy sim which shouldnt be the case since their sim is designed for mobile phone use only.

anyway since this is still on testing stage and has so far used it for 2 days already , let me share you how i did it.

1. you must have a 3g phone
2. download the latest nokia pc suite software
3. connect the phone via its supplied cable
theres an option there to connect to the internet, you dont have to set it up since a wizard is there to configure the phone for you.
4. while connected to the smart network, click start in wifree.

please see my picture below

If your broadband modem is locked in globe and want to try wifree , then this is a good option instead of buying a new modem. this is also good option if you want to try wi-free and you dont have any modem.

happy surfing

UPDATE: a day after using this method i noticed that i can still connect to the smart network using the nokia pc suite.  however when i click wifree it cant connect to the servers.  the solution to this problem is to pasaload again 2 pesos and then try again to connect to wifree.  i am still observing if this method will block the sim card as i have earlier theorized.  so far im still enjoying my unlimited internet connection.  happy surfing!!!

ANOTHER UPDATE: im still using it as of may 18 and no sim blocking has occured as of yet.  if you would like to use wi-free on smart, i recommend that you use a phone as a modem to prevent sim blocking

ANOTHER UPDATE 2:  i can still connect to the wifree server using my sim and no blocking has occured as of yet.  today is may 25 and i am still enjoying my wi-free connection.  i strongly suggest that if you will try to use wifree use your phone as a modem.  happy surfing!!!

May 12, 2012

smart connecting now to wi-free

my wi-free customer anabelle helped me in discovering how wi-free works in smart. below are the settings

use UDP
Select HTTP
Put PROXY IP port 8080

Make sure that all ports are checked and put 53 in LOCAL UDP PORT

Use COLORADO server

however, please note that after a while you will notice that your sim will be blocked after using wi-free. please refer to my posts below how to unblock your smart sim.

happy surfing

Globe not connecting- May 6

as of today, globe Philippines users of wifree are currently experiencing connecting to wifree servers. it may be that globe has once again blocked our access to wifree servers, please read my blog regularly to get new updates. for my clients outside of the Philippines, you are not affected and you can still use wifree without problems. what i do right now to be able to connect is i load up mb 15 on my sim and connect to port 9200. this somehow extends my surfing and is sufficient for my needs for 1 day. i have already raised this concern to wifree and lets wait for their solution to this problem. thank you

Easy to unblock sim using DNS JUMPER

i just want to share my discovery of a sim card that is very easy to unblock. new users of wifree or existing users who are frustrated of finding a sim card that will work in wifree might be helped by this.

the sim card i bought is the yellow sim with a car drawing in the packaging. i notice also that it has a “go lang ng go” sticker. it starts with 0927 and expires on august 31, 2012. i only attempted to unblock this once by loading 16 pesos in it and registered to mb15. then i also used DNS Jumper. you can follow my instrcutions below on how to get dns jumper. read also my instructions below on how to register to mb15.

to new users you can already buy vouchers code from me and unblock your sim card using wifree.

Mar 25, 2012

Smart and Sun temporarily not working in Wi-free

lately, i do get texts from my customers that they have difficulty in connecting to wifree servers using smart buddy sim and sun. upon checking, indeed, its so hard to connect to the wifree servers. globe users using unblocked sim cards have no problems whatsoever. i advise to all smart and sun users to shift to globe momentarily to be able to enjoy unlimited surfing in wifree.

for new users, or those who would like to try wifree, i advise that you use globe sims. however not all sim cards of globe will work in wifree. you would have to unblock your sim card to be able to use wifree. unblocking methods are detailed below. new users are also forewarned that this is not an easy thing to do especially newbies in computers. its a little bit of a risky thing as the sim that you will buy may not work in the unblocking methods below and so you have to buy another sim again, you would have to repeat the same method agai and again until you have found the right sim card. i myself have used up 5 sim cards before i was able to unblock a sim card. i am now enjoying cheap internet via wifree and many others who dared to do the unblocking method.

i advise that you take the risk. anyway we all need unlimited access to the internet and wi-free is a good software for you to access the web

happy surfing

Mar 23, 2012

New version of Wi-Fee now available

there’s a new version released by wi-free a few days ago. one noticeable and very important change in this update is that it automatically reconnects whenever you are disconnected from the wi-free servers.

you can get the latest version here

to be able to know what is the latest version just click MENU> ABOUT WI-FREE.  its should say that its version 1.09 (build 1331548884)

for existing users i advise that you remove first your old wi-free software before installing the new version.  but you have to exit first wi-free before you can remove it.  click MENU>EXIT.

make sure that you dont forget your username and password.  otherwise you will not connect to the wifree server.

to input again your username and password in your new installation of wi-free just click MENU>PREFERENCES>LOGIN

happy surfing

Jan 23, 2012

Wi-free now working in Sun Cellular

For SUN broadband users waiting to be able to connect to wi-free then this is your lucky day.  Sun is now working in Wifree!

First you need to change your sim to a Sun Cellular Super Value sim. But before putting it in your broadband kit, you need to activate it first in your cellular phone.  Text ACTIVATE and send to 2300. Wait for the reply and disregard all messages you receive in your phone.

Make a new profile in your Sun Cellular Dashboard with the following settings:

Profile Name:  Sun

Dial Number:  *99#

APN or Access Point Name:  wap

If you don’t know how to make a new profile in you broadband kit, please refer to my webpage at  You will find there how to make a new profile.

Configure Wifree

In Wifree just make sure that  ALL PORTS are checked.  You can go to MENU>PREFERENCES>PORTS

Put 0 (zero) in LOCAL UDP PORT

Click Proxy tab

Click ENABLE PARENT PROXY,  Select https, and put in  proxy ip values.  Put port 8080


Please see pictures below

In my tests, i would easily connect in Netherlands server using tunnel.  you can also explore other settings that would suit you best.  Speeds are also good and it does not disconnect easily unlike what i experience in globe.

For openline modems, you now have 3 options (GLOBE,SMART and SUN) to choose from just in case you are having connection problems with your network.  HAPPY SURFING!!!

Update:  singapore server is still my preferred server when browsing as its a little bit faster than other servers.


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